Shuster Owner Representation

Contracting Shuster Construction as an owner's representative (owner's rep) is akin to gaining an ally with wide-ranging, experientially-validated knowledge of all aspects of commercial and residential construction and development.

As the owner's rep, Shuster diligently pursues the owner's best interests throughout each stage of development. The owner's rep frequently begins work even before property purchasing, advising on team selection, design, budgeting, planning, documentation, site preparation, permit collection, scheduling, construction, completion, marketing, and facility maintenance. Shuster staff has logged years examining the esoteric details of construction and property development.

Shuster provides the professional fluency to articulate project objectives and requirements with all relevant parties from plumbers to institutional financiers, from engineers to welders and everyone in between--and councils the client on the technical and procedural nuances of policy and planning that significantly impact the success of development ventures.

Shuster recognizes the critical importance of representing an owner faithfully and demonstrates its integrity through its consistent track record of successful projects.