Shuster Property Management

Shuster Property Management provides comprehensive management solutions for large-scale commercial and multi-family residential facilities that deliver exceptional value to clients and superb customer service to tenants and residents.

Shuster recognizes that its tenants are its customers and its buildings are its products. Shuster Property Management grew out of the conviction that quality property management and real estate marketing benefits immensely from the knowledge, experience, and assembly line ethos of the construction trade.

Shuster leverages its construction roots to execute improvements, accurately diagnose problems, and source the services and materials to solve them while cementing accountability into every contract and avoiding the domino effects of delays on costs. Although construction know-how does not typically fall into the job description of property manager, its application significantly improves both the quality of service and the bottom line.

In addition to the construction expertise that Shuster Property Management brings to the table, the company adheres strictly to a transparent, open-book accounting policy and offers detailed, on-demand reports on all its relevant activities.

Shuster Property Management fulfills all of its responsibilities with the highest level of professionalism. From the top down, the firm lives by the motto "do it once, do it right."

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